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ELIMINATE THE PROBLEM at the outset by having Root Barriers professionally installed BY UTTM, Inc. in vulnerable areas.

ROOT BARRIERS PROTECT your FOUNDATION and other hardscape areas (driveways, patios, etc.) from tree and shrub root encroachment.To maintain soil moisture levels around and under their homes, homeowners in Texas are advised to water the foundation during dry summer months . The good news is that this procedure prevents cracking of the slab. The bad news is that it also encourages tree and shrub roots to seek the additional moisture in these areas, resulting in potentially damaging root growth under your foundation, patio or driveway. If this happens, repair can be very expensive.
U.T.T.M., Inc. uses a product called Bio-Barrier which, when strategically placed in the soil, prevents structural damage from root encroachment. Bio Barrier is made from a fabric mesh impregnated with 50-year time-release capsules that effuse an environmentally friendly chemical (Trifiuralin), forcing roots to grow away from the foundation, driveway or other concrete installation..

Proudly servicing North Houston since 1982, U.T.T.M., INC. offers complete tree and garden care services for your home or office at the most competitive prices available.  We deliver top-quality service using fully-trained, uniformed crews and the latest industry equipment.

Our commitment to quality control has helped us provide exceptional Tree & Home/Garden care to our customers for 30 years.  

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